Full Service Management

Full Service Management is where we do all of the Leasing and Management and then send the owner a monthly statement.


Marketing includes our website, craigslist, zillow, trulia and several other sites.   We can also put it on our facebook page and boost it if needed.  All units are put in our front window which gets a lot of walk by traffic and we also publish a weekly rental sheet that is distributed by the Golden Chamber of Commerce.


A member of Laurel Property Services’ staff will meet you at your property to do a free, on site rental evaluation. Providing you with an assessment of what you can expect in rent for your property. While viewing the property, we will happily provide suggestions about how you might improve the marketability of the property or increase its rental value. Our agents will also answer questions and address any concerns with you or your tenants so as to provide a smooth transition for the both of you.

If you already have a tenant living in your unit, our offices will do a walk-through to verify condition of the unit, look for lease violations and spot needed or potential repairs. Walk-throughs are typically scheduled at the end lease term, but more frequent inspections can be scheduled.

Having our offices drive past your properties on a regular basis will also help to set your mind at ease.  We also ask the neighbors on both sides to please contact us and let us know of any issues at the property.


We use only 3 rd party contractors and servicemen who provide us with fast and excellent service at fair prices.  Due to the volume of work we provide our vendors, they take very good care of our properties and make us a priority.  We charge a small fee once all work is done and billed to your account.  This fee assures you that the we have a maintenance coordinator in charge of your property and it’s needs.

In the event that an emergency does happen, our answering system provides options for emergency contact of our agents. That means that no matter what time of the day or night, our offices are working to protect the value of your investment. Being able to handle urgent or emergency situations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year will provide comfort to yourself and your tenants.


Collection of rents, utilities and security deposits are only the beginning of the financial services our offices can provide.  Any maintenance or utilities will be paid out of your monthly rental monies, in a timely manner and the remaining money will be forwarded on to you. That’s right, you just sit back and wait for the check.

If you have a local bank, we will be happy to deposit your monthly income directly to your account. You don’t even have to go to the bank.

Once per month you will be sent a full accounting of your monies. Your statement will include a monthly total for all income and expenses.   Once a year you will receive a total of all detailed income and expenses and get a 1099 to be able to do your taxes.


Occasionally, a situation arises when a tenant will need to be evicted from the premises.  In the event that our offices have approved and placed your tenant in the house for you, we will represent you in any uncontested eviction for no additional charge, you pay only the out of pocket costs and attorney fees.

Court appearances can be a lot of hard work, costly and worrisome if you don’t have the proper representation. If you have ever had the misfortune to deal with a problem tenant, then you completely understand how valuable having a knowledgeable attorney on your side really is.


~ Taking all calls about your property and assisting interested parties by answering questions about your home or rental contract.

~ Scheduling appointments and conducting showings of the property.

~ Processing applications, credit check and criminal check.

~ Preparing Rental Agreements.


Includes the following:

~Taking all tenant calls, maintenance calls, complaints and feedback.

~Collecting rent, calling and emailing people who don’t pay rent and Demands for non-payment. (If the tenant does not pay rent we do not charge you a fee.  This makes us more motivated to collect rent).

~Dealing with code enforcement, local police, neighbors and or attorneys.